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WELCOME TO MY JUMBLE OF STUFF. IT'S AS CLUTTERED AS I AM. As you will see, I don't get into fancy graphics. I believe in the KISS principle. Besides, I don't have the time or patience for it. I have the major chat programs, so if you want to talk, just send me an email at, I've probably got some dead links on here and I'll try to fix that.

I have a new website, just a little simpler. Check out Just Checking In.

I believe there's good and bad in everything, but I like to think good prevails. That's why the title.

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, you can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. I had an awards page, but I dropped it because each website has its own uniqueness. I can do without the graphics and webrings, because I'm too lazy to type all that HTML, although I do belong to The Rail. Somewhere here there is a link to find webrings. If I think a website is worth including in here, you'll see it. It's time for a change here. I have other websites on Geocities and Fortunecity, simplicity is the watchword here, so this is the only one going to be left standing.

For right now I'll start off with the good stuff. This story was written by my wife.

This is a story about a great and mighty shepherd. He had lots and lots of sheep but he always wanted more, not because he wanted to sell them, but because he wanted to love them. In fact, he tem so much he was willing to lay down his life for them. His pasture was the greenest and most lush in all the countryside but it wasn't as full as the shepherd wanted.

Because he loved them so much and wanted them to love him, he decided he would not ever capture them with traps and snares.

He knew each of them and he knew who their masters were. In fact, he was so all knowing he even knew them before they were born and he so longed for them to be part of his pasture. Sometimes the sheep that were part of his pasture ran away or just wandered off and that too made the shepherd very sad.

The shepherd cried out continually for his sheep and even called them by name but sometimes they didn't hear him or they heard but their masters convinced them they would be happier where they were. The shepherd decided that the sheep who lived in his pasture might be able to help. After all, they were the ones who could tell how wonderful it was to live with him and how much they loved one another. So he asked them to go out, to leave the safety of the pasture to tell the others about him. He promised them he would be with them while they were gone and that all his power and love would be theirs to use. And so they left, in all directions, to tell of their wonderful shepherd. Some of them ran into perils and dangers, but as he promised, the shepherd was always there to comfort and protect them. One by one, the sheep retured, some alone and others with a new brother or sister, and there was always rejoicing. Sometimes lost sheep would just show up at the pasture gate and ask to come in because they remembered the words they had heard about the shepherd.

Each time the shepherd gathered these new sheep into his arms and them. In time, their love for each other grew deeper and deeper. As their love grew these sheep knew they wanted and needed to share the shepherd's love. So they too left the pasture for all directions. And the shepherd smiled.


I'm kinda lazy, but I try to add stuff once in a while. There's a lot in my head and what I really need to do is stop and think about. Hmmm, that make sense? I like to keep things simple, so their won't be any fancy stuff here

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