THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO "HMMMM" There's a lot of things out there to rant about, but that takes too long. Like I said, KISS.

I think zero tolerence means zero intelligence. I don't believe in political correctness, I believe in calling things what they really are. Hell yes, let's drill for oil in Alaska!

This country was founded on religious freedom. Then why complain about the Ten Commandments in a courthouse, manger scenes at Christmas, a Miami paper not advertising a church. We really need to pray for our country, people.

Why all the fuss about Clinton making calls from the White House? He lives and works there, where else is he going to go?

The news media are a bunch of sharks. The Pope in Cuba, but Dan Rather scrambles back home to cover Sexgate?

Snowboarder loses medal, gets it back. What, he didn't inhale?

A six year old gets suspended for kissing a little girl and its called sexual harrassment, but a bunch of preteens get caught having sex in a school detention room and nothing happens.

A little girl on a coed team gets caught up in a jockstrap controversy.

Someone wants to sue PopTarts because they left it cooking too long. There IS a warning.

A lady in Cleveland gets arrested for trying to help someone out by putting a quarter in a parking meter.

Senator Trent Lott trying to help out Lt. Kelly Flinn.

If you drive through some parts of DC, you might think you are in a third world country. The mayor is a cocaine addict, his ex-wife a thief, the schools need repairs and there's a retired Army general in charge (guess he didn't want to fade away), and Congress works there. Big HMMMM.

I''ve got more, and I'll put them out. In the meantime, let's hear yours.