I'm an entertainment/information junkie, so I grab up almost everything I can.

There's stuff out there that's well made and then there's stuff where the action makes up for lack of a decent script


  • TitanicIf I have to pick a favorite, this might be it. Well, maybe not. To tell the truth, it was just another Hollyweird big budgeter. This summmer (2001) I saw a movie called Memento, the events of this movie unfold in reverse. Here's the official website


  • The X-FilesHaving seen the end of the 2000-01 season, that should be the end of it. It was really a perfect ending.

  • One of the best shows on TV is on HBO, and yes, its got some language, violence, etc. but the Sopranosis a well made show.


  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilNot very often I don't look forward to the end of a book. The movie was good too.


    There's more to come, so keep coming back.