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Just Checking In
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My original home page is
Too lazy to update it and will probably be too lazy to update this.
I intend to be politically incorrect because I believe in calling things what they are.
Here are some things I care about.
My family
There are soldiers dying in Iraq and elsewhere.
What I don't care about.
Brittany and Madonna kissing, but on the other hand, what message does that send to our kids.
Arnold is running for governer of CA. But does someone REALLY need to change the law that says a foreign born person can't be president so he can run later?
I'm not going to links to these people, because most intelligent people know how to find them, but I read (but don't always agree with) Joseph Farah, Cal Thomas, Rex Reed, Michael Medved, Dave Berry. I think some things in the Drudge Report need to be taken with a grain of salt.
Web sites I go to (either often or occasionally)
Some random thoughts.
Bush should get elected again because he is trying to make things better. I think the other candidates are way too liberal.
No, maybe there weren't any WMD in Iraq BUT Saddam was a human one, so we had to go in. That said, North Korea is a threat, as are other countries.
We should make English the official language of this country. If we make the effort to speak other countries language when we go.... well you get the idea.
I like to eat, and am always looking for something different, so here goes. and My favorites places for breakfast(the most important meal of the day)

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